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What is a guild?

A guild is an organization that promotes the common interests of its members.

A Short History of the Galileo Guild

Twenty-seven years ago three stay-at-home mothers on Galileo Drive started meeting a couple of times a month to craft and visit. Because the neighborhood was mostly empty of people during the day, their meetings were started to deter the loneliness and provide an outlet for their creativity. Crafters are driven to create. They may start with practical sewing for inexpensive children’s clothes or toys, but such creativity will eventually expand into a store of gift items with no recipient. When the ladies would visit the other craft fairs and bazaars in the area, they discovered that participation in a bazaar is limited. You must be a member of the club, your work must be “judged” as acceptable, or the expense to participate is prohibitive.

Twenty-five years ago one lady was having her front rooms remodeled. They would be empty for a couple of weeks. This lady hosted the first ever Galileo Guild bazaar in her home. There was no advertising budget. The ladies invited their friends and neighbors. They met others on fixed budgets who also wanted to participate. After a few years, the Guild began meeting on the first and third Thursday of each month. In the fall, they would have a bazaar. All crafters were welcome at our meetings. We shared patterns, ideas, and advice. We even pooled our orders for supplies to qualify for discounts. The goal of our Guild is to support one another.

Participation in the bazaar was optional. Some only craft to make gifts. Many have skipped years when family or health crises disrupted crafting time. We try to maintain our bond with all who have joined us. Because the bazaar was indoors and the work was shared, people with health problems who had no other outlet for their efforts could be a full member in these events. After several years, it became a joke in the Guild that you had to have a major medical problem to belong. Our members have suffered fibromyalgia, asthma, heart failure, lupus, stroke, cancer, diabetes, carpal tunnel, and joint replacement. Due to the physical restrictions of some of our members, we had to allow more time for decorating and setting up our bazaar. We also actively sought younger people to join. The roster of crafters in the bazaar varied year to year from as little as four and as many as ten. We also tried to learn from each experience by improving our methods of display or adjusting our hours. Our bazaar reflected the party atmosphere of having friends in our home. We looked forward every year to sharing our creations with our friends and neighbors.

This year, 2014, would have been our 25th annual bazaar. But instead of clearing out a home to set up for our bazaar, we are creating a new website to enable our guild members find a wider pool of customers. As you can see, this website reflects a variety of skills and interests. Please check in regularly to see what new crafts our members have created. The Galileo Guild continues our monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of the month to share patterns, have classes and encourage each other.